Montag, 25 September 2017

Migration and Refugee Aid - Welcome


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Here you can find contacts for refugees and volunteers, councelling opportunities, and various offers made by the district and its municipalities. In addition we offer you an index containing information about relevant topics, a collection of useful links, and a selection of multilingual documents.

¹* The pages of "Migration and Refugee Aid" can be used in different languages. (Note: * Imprint / External Service Providers).
²* The read out loud function does not provide translations.


For the time being, migration advice in Scharbeutz will only take place every second week. The next migration advice in Scharbeutz will take place on September 21st 2017.

The district's migration advice in Bad Schwartau is cancelled on September 19th 2017.


Here you can find contacts at the district administration.


Here you can access the websites of the district's municipalities. There you can find further information regarding the topics flight and asylum as well as the local contact persons for refugees and volunteers. 


Here you can find information about migration advice in Ostholstein.



Here you can find information about volunteering in the area of refugee aid.



Here you can find information on various subjects for both immigrants and members of the host society.


Here you can find documents that are available in several languages.


 Here you can find events on the topic of migration and refugees in the district of Ostholstein.



Here you can find additional links to information and contacts at state and federal level as well as usefull apps.